Friday, January 8, 2010

it all began with...

Quickly, an introduction;

My name is Tony, I used to weigh over 250lbs, I was unhealthy and I was unhappy. This blog is really so I can get this down on paper, maybe inspire a few people along the way and hopefully release the demons that I have carried for so long...

It all began with... Christmas eve 2008. Gorging as usual. To the point of sickness. All the while, the voice in my head continued to give me motivational speeches; "it all tastes soooo good. It's ok, it's Christmas! People are supposed to gain a few extra pounds..." The problem with that logic was, I was already 246lbs.

So, Christmas comes and goes. Enter stage left; the wii fit. oh man!!! So, my sister in-law gets this as a gift. I think it was for her birthday that we all went over and tried this thing out. What a marvel of engineering! I loved it, until it was my turn... the damn thing called me obese, in front of everyone no less!!! I wanted to chuck this thing into the TV, right after I survived my embarrassment! This was my real low point. I knew I was overweight, like way, way, way deep down inside; but I never actually admitted it, not even to myself. But now, there was no denying it, I had this marvel of technical achievement, telling me, point blank; "YOU ARE FAT!" Besides being my low, this was also a big wake up call... enter stage right; the "new" me... 1 year later, don't smoke (yeah, forgot to mention, I was a 2 pack a day smoker), rarely drink (occasional glass of wine with dinner), and 70lbs lighter :)))).

This is about my journey, from then to now and where to next.

hope you join me.


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