Monday, January 11, 2010

biggest loser and the aha!

I'm a HUGE fan (pardon the pun). I started watching and became a fan years before I started losing weight. I watched in awe as these enormous people having the hearts and minds of lions, running marathons, working out 6 hrs a day, eating strict meals; slowly but surely shedding their old selves to become whom they always thought they were... I watched this with a tinge of jealousy, envy... I think it was, season 7 or 8 where watching it was no longer entertainment, but it became wholly relevant. Cheesy as it sounds, this show, was a massive inspiration to me and was actually the catalyst in getting me off my ass.

The Tuesday night after I was called obese (see previous entry) The Biggest Loser premiered, and if you are a fan of the show you know that during some commercial breaks, Bob and Jillian give; "trainers tips" one of these tips was literally, get off your ass during commercial break and do something...

So I did. Man, it was incredibly hard. I remember doing knee raises and sit-ups as a circuit for 5 minutes (try doing this after the blog) for me and my unfit ways, it was like trying to climb Everest. Let me tell you, the feeling that I got after I completed my 5 minutes was the same. It was at that moment that my brain was telling my body, "no more bullshit Tony, you lazy sack of potatoes...we're in it now, and come hell or high water, we gonna cause some ruckuss!" (I'm paraphrasing of course). But that was it... that was my "aha" moment.

anyone else want to share their "aha" moment?

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