Monday, March 29, 2010

Spread the word...

This overlaps the last post a bit. I notice day in and day out, more and more people who have been inspired by me or something else. I notice the growing trend of being green and being healthy. So I want to try something; I ask you, my constant readers, to spread the word. The word I want spread is; that I am here to help. I want to test with you: my closest friends and family with the eventual goal of this becoming a business.

What it is:
1. I will come to your home and detox your house and educate you on what is bad and what makes it bad...includes kitchen/bathroom/wardrobe (this is called cleansing).

2. We will go shopping and restock with the proper food to aid in weight loss and well being.

3. I will hold a 1 week boot camp (1 - 2 hrs per day) sometime in the summer which will give you the tools and experience a proper fitness regime.

Like I said, this is a test, I want you as my focus group to aid me in refining this program and if there is enough interest...well, the sky is the limit :)

If any of you are at all interested in trying this, please email me at:

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